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Restorative Justice | Be the Change Cincinnati 2022

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Mar 29, 2023



This Curation is part of Be the Change.

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Restorative Justice | Wave Pool

Above: (All) Photo(s) Courtesy of Space Cabin Studios.


“This a box of repair.”

“Rebuilding trust and forgiveness in ourselves is just as important as rebuilding trust and forgiveness with those who have harmed us.”


Over the past several years Wave Pool has been partnering with several organizations that serve returning citizens and have built several programs and projects that focus on recovery and inclusion for those who have been previously incarcerated. Restorative Justice is close to their hearts as they aim to welcome and include everyone in the upwards growth of their collective community, city, and society as a whole.


Artists: Lacey Haslam and Linnea Gartin. Get a behind-the-scenes look here.

On the box, videos were playing with stories provided by Own Your Own Voice.


Wave Pool is a socially-engaged art center that acts as a conduit for community change through artist opportunities and support. Pairing communities’ knowledge of their needs with artists’ sense of possibility, Wave Pool provides a structure whereby contemporary art and artists can be integral contributors to the fabric and success of our city, country, and beyond, by helping us build relationships and collective knowledge around complex issues, centering the insights and experience of those most intimately affected.


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Restorative Justice | Wave Pool

Restorative Justice | Wave Pool

Restorative Justice | Wave Pool


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Find conversation prompts for Be the Change Cincinnati here.

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