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System Ali: A Musical Approach to Connection 

Israeli Artists Neta Weiner and Stav Marin use music, rap, and dance to explore Israeli society

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Mar 26, 2024


As Neta Weiner says, through music, we can pray together across languages and beliefs. This is the premise of System Ali, a band born out of their Jaffa Israel neighborhood. 

System Ali is a one-of-a-kind Hip-Hop band, composed of nine musicians who have been working together for a decade – established in 2007 during the struggle against house demolitions in Jaffa and south Tel Aviv. Since then, the group has been operating the System Ali house in Holon, a local youth cultural center founded to promote, develop and provide a platform for a new generation of Jewish and Arab artists, encouraging creative encounters and collaboration between communities, stories and sources of inspiration. 

System Ali sings in six languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Yiddish, Amharic and English – the native languages of the nine members of the ensemble. 

They naturally combine hip-hop and black groove music with elements of Arabic, Gypsy, jazz and rock music. Their music and lyrics are inspired by countless sources such as Fairuz, Egyptian poetry, Biblical texts, military bands and more. Their songs deal with life in the periphery of the center or life under the definition of minorities in Israel; without hesitating to tackle the painful and sensitive issues, in an honest, critical, hard-hitting and uncompromising manner. 

This video “No Place Like Jaffa” gives color to some of the stories that led to band’s founding.  

In Spring 2024, Neta and Stav are in residence in the Tufts University Theater and Dance Department through the BAMAH Visting Israeli Artists program, the first time they are sharing their unique musical and dance styles with American audiences.  

In a moment where all words are weaponized, Neta, Stav, and System Ali remind us of the power of melody and ancient lyrics to connect and ground us. 


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