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Bringing Multi-Sensory Art to Life  

The AI Music and Art of Israeli Artist Yuval Gur

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Jul 9, 2024



This Curation is part of Community Creative Fellowship.

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Yuval Gur is an award-winning musician, composer, and multi-media artist whose work embodies the magical fusion of technology and art. Yuval’s creations seamlessly blend physical and digital art forms, producing contemporary masterpieces.  

‘Tfila’ (Prayer in Hebrew) is a series of interactive paintings and experiential installations. Through the use of conductive paint that he creates, Yuval tracks the electric charge from a viewer’s hand so that you are able to “play” the painting. 

Yuval spent his fellowship in residency extending his transformative vision to the JCDS community, creating and hosting workshops on various digital topics, including creative coding, designing with a 3D mindset, and utilizing AI in art.  

Watch this video of Tfila, Yuval’s beautiful own immersive creation that served as the inspiration for the learning and process he held with students of JCDS during the fellowship. 

The workshops offered a way for students to get hands-on experience with sonic painting, like Tfila, a type of visual art that uses interactive technology and sound. This multi-sensory art form uses a chip to produce sounds or music based on hand movements, adding an interactive and dynamic layer to the traditional static medium of painting. The students were taught the basics of coding, building light sequencers, and creating paintings to accompany their own voice-overs sharing memories and stories.  

Upon reflecting on his fellowship, Yuval said “Teaching and educating the students inspired me to return to the basics of my work and reimagine how these mediums can work together to tell a bigger story.”  


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  • 1.

    If you created a singing painting, what song would it sing? What would be your t’fila (prayer)? 

  • 2.

    Technology and arts have long had a love-hate relationship. How does this work make you feel about it? 

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