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A Passover Poem  

Reflections on Passover by Deborah Leipziger

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Apr 8, 2024


Begin with stillness. Summon 
Courage. Kavanah.  
Forsythia and purple iris, tulips so pink     edge into blue. 
Gather your dearest, the lonely within and without. Bring your 
Hunger, your fast. 
Indeed, there is so much to hold here, to heal. 
Just about everything calls out to you to be done and you must choose  
Kindness, stay kind. Bring your 
Love of storytelling.  
Matzah. Maror. All this is 
Open to the sacred, the simple. 
Pass over the trifling annoyances. Make room for  
Quiet places.  
Reveal the past.  
Sacrifice the things that no longer serve you. Remember the 
Temples lost and burning. In Paris. In Jerusalem. In yourself. Listen, the 
Universe calls to you. 
Verify, purify.  
Wake up your ancestors around the table.  
EXonerate those that have not partaken, not delivered, not arrived.  
Yearn for justice and freedom, bring your 
Zeal. Bring your self, your deep desire to connect  
the past, the possible, time no longer linear. 


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