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Handshouse Studio

Handshouse Studio

Handshouse Studio was co-founded in 2002 by Rick Brown and Laura Brown, with founding Board Members, Cary Wolinsky, Joel McCarty, and Kendrick Smith. Handshouse is a non-profit, innovative, educational organization that creates adventurous hands-on projects with communities, institutions, and partners around the world as a way to illuminate history, understand science, and perpetuate the arts. It has gained international recognition for its pedagogical method of connecting people to carry out bold and complex educational built projects. Handshouse creates projects outside of the traditional classroom that energizes history, science, and the arts through the reconstruction of large historical objects. Through the intensive investigation of a single object, doors open to a wide range of related subjects—usually studied independently—creating a richly layered understanding of a moment in history, a literal three-dimensional view of a historical object, and an interactive and engaging understanding of who built the object, how it was built, and why.

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