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Dancing Inspired by the Hanukkiah

Experience an illumination of the Hanukkah season through the choreography of Rachel Linsky

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published May 8, 2024



This Curation is part of Hanukkah.

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For our 2023 Hanukkah celebration, Rachel Linsky and her dancers brought a whole new vision of the light of Hanukkah to Boston audiences. The main event of the most beloved Hanukkah party in Boston was a performance by Ezekiel’s Wheel Klezmer Band with an original Yiddish dance performance by Rachel and her team, inspired by the light of the holiday and the hanukkiah

In addition to this performance, Rachel created a video invoking the lighting of the candles in a lively way. The dancers created this live-action candle lighting while performing, improvising, and coming together as we do for the holiday to be inspired by this beautiful silver art hanukkiah.  

Check out more of Rachel’s incredible work here.


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