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Connecting Body and Spirit: The Contemporary Jewish Dance of Kaet Ensemble

By Culture Treasures

Published Feb 6, 2023



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Connecting Body and Spirit: The Contemporary Jewish Dance of Kaet Ensemble

(2 min) If you’re looking for a dance performance that’s both physically powerful and spiritually inspiring, look no further than the Kaet Ensemble. This contemporary Jewish dance company, based in Jerusalem, is part of Between Heaven and Earth, which aims to bridge Jewish heritage and contemporary culture. The ensemble, led by artistic director Ronen Itzhaki, is composed of four men who graduated from yeshiva and are committed to exploring the relationship between the body and Jewish prayer. 

For the Kaet Ensemble, physical expression is a vital component of a powerful and meaningful prayer experience. This dance company creates a safe space for religious men to delve into themes such as Israeli masculinity, military service, sports, games, and to explore concepts such as gentle masculinity. Through their performances, the Kaet Ensemble hopes to cultivate a sense of “holy flesh” (Rabbi Kook) and to connect the body and spirit. 


The Between Heaven and Earth Foundation of Kaet Ensemble was established by Adina Kapira, Shlomo Wilk, and Jean-Marc Lilling. The Kaet Ensemble is a testament to this mission, as it brings Jewish prayers and rituals to life in a contemporary and thought-provoking way. 


Video created by Shachaf Dekel. Photo credit: Shachaf Dekel.


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For synagogue-goers:

 In what ways does dance serve as a means of expressing and embodying Jewish spiritual and cultural identity, and what are some examples of this expression in practice?  

For dancers and movers:

How can connecting to your body in a spiritual way help you to better understand and connect with your faith, and what are some examples of this connection in practice?  

For dance-lovers:

What does it mean to have an all-male dance ensemble in the 21st century, and what are the implications of this composition for the ensemble's performance and representation? 

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