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Laugh & Sing With “A Hanukkah Carol” (Gelt Trip! The Musical)

Harrison Bryan and crew bring to life a heartfelt, hilarious Hanukkah Broadway concept

By Harrison Bryan

Published Oct 20, 2022



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Step into the vibrant world of Broadway where two Nice Jewish Boys and their Goyfriend are cooking up a heartfelt musical comedy for the ages and bringing Hanukkah to center stage.

Meet Chava Kanipshin, a millennial influencer lost in her social media kingdom, neglecting real-world connections and even Hanukkah with her family. Obsessed with her social media empire, she has no time or energy for the real world, for actual friendships, or — least of all — for Hanukkah with her family. That is, until she is transported on an unforgettable trip that compels her to rethink everything, helping her to reconnect with her spirit of generosity, her appreciation of her real-life supporters, and her Jewish identity.

But hold on tight — a whimsical journey awaits, pushing Chava to reconsider it all. It’s a classic tale with a modern twist, where laughter, love, and Hanukkah spirit take the spotlight in this concept musical. Broadway, brace yourself for a heartwarming ride! We can’t wait to see this project to come to life.

Watch the trailer below and take a listen to A Light in the Dark, an original concept single from the musical, performed in the world of the show by (fictional) Jewish boy band “boys2mensch.” We can’t get enough!


Harrison Bryan is a NYC-based, Jewish-American actor, playwright, librettist, producer, and puppeteer.



What are fun Hanukkah traditions specific to you and/or your family?


Why is it important for the holiday season to become more inclusive? 

Jewish Humor

How can comedy be used to make larger points about life? About our world? 

Even Jewish identity? – “A shared love of comedy;” “The desire to make others laugh;” “A good sense of humor;” – Doesn’t that feel like an inherent part of being Jewish? Why do we think that may be?

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