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Where Life Leads You: Stories of Staten Island’s Holocaust Survivors

By Shira Stoll

Published Oct 18, 2022



This Curation is part of Combating Antisemitism.

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Where Life Leads You: Stories of Staten Island's Holocaust Survivors

(24 min) This project, consisting of a short documentary and individual portraits, tells the stories of 15 Holocaust survivors who rebuilt their lives. We hope you feel connected to these survivors and are inspired by their resiliency. 

There are several resources available to pair with Where Life Leads You, including curriculum for teachers and advanced learning pages. Access those materials here. 

Portrait: Gabi Held

(8 min) Gabi Held tells the story of how he survived the Holocaust and learned to fight back. 

Portrait: Goldie Schwartz

(8 min) Goldie Schwartz tells her heartbreaking story of loss and love.   

Portrait: George Gelb

(7 min) George Gelb survived the Holocaust as a 6-year-old boy in hiding with his mother and sister. 


Watch more survivor stories here.


Shira Stoll is a regional Emmy Award winning journalist & filmmaker based in Boston, MA.



If you could ask one of the survivors in the video one question, what would you ask?  


Why is it important to hear these stories, and how do they relate to the world today?  


How is it different to hear directly from the survivors on video, as compared to reading about the Holocaust in a book? 

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