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The Persian Jewish Story

Connecting the ancient Purim story to modern times through the story of singer Younes Dardashti

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Mar 4, 2024


The story of Purim happened in Shushan, which is called Hamadan in modern-day Iran. Queen Esther wasn’t the only inspiring Jewish woman from that town. In episode 5 of a new documentary podcast series called The Nightingale of Iran, we hear about Houri Dardashti, also from Shushan.

The 6-episode documentary podcast series — created by sisters Danielle Dardashti and Galeet Dardashti — presented by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and distributed by PRX, the public radio exchange, is available on all podcast platforms. It has been charting as a top podcast across Apple, Spotify, Amazon and other platforms, since episode one was released on February 6. 

Danielle, a storyteller and documentarian, and Galeet, an anthropologist and musician, tell the captivating story of their Persian Jewish family, famous singers during the golden age for Jews in Iran.

In the 1950s, their grandfather– Younes Dardashti – was a national celebrity, singing at the Shah’s palace and on the radio. In the 1960s, his son Farid was a teen idol on TV. They were beloved by Iranian Muslims. But at the height of their fame, they left the country. It has always been a mystery to Danielle and Galeet – Why did their family leave Iran?

In this series, the sisters reveal painful secrets unspoken for generations. The Nightingale of Iran is a story that will resonate with outsiders everywhere. 


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  • 1.

    Younes Dardashti was an observant Jew, and a leading radio star in a Muslim country – two totally distinct identities. Can you understand/imagine what that might feel like?

  • 2.

    Sisters Galeet and Danielle Dardashti dug deep to uncover their family story. What do you know about your family story? What do you wish you knew? 

  • 3.

    While antisemitism isn’t the lead story of this podcast, it plays a fundamental role. What did this podcast illuminate for you about antisemitism? 

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