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Post-Roe v. Wade: A Striking Call for Reproductive Justice

Artist Caron Tabb boldly challenges post-Roe dynamics and urges us to take action

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Jul 25, 2023



This Curation is part of Be the Change.

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“I Am My Sister’s Keeper” stands as a life-size, goddess-like sculpture. It’s a classical aesthetic with a visceral twist: her gutt is punched in, hollowed out by force, and in and from the cavity in her belly are black chains.

In light of the reversal of Rowe v. Wade and the brutal assault on women’s bodily autonomy across the country, Tabb’s creation serves as a powerful commentary on reproductive rights.

This visual narrative echoes the challenges to reproductive autonomy and the broader assault on women’s bodily autonomy. It symbolizes the struggles faced by women in asserting control over their reproductive choices. The inclusion of black chains poignantly represents the shackles imposed on women, highlighting the urgency of addressing issues beyond abortion rights.

It’s also a powerful contribution to the ongoing discourse on reproductive justice. By going beyond just focusing on the right to choose, Tabb aligns her piece with the broader definition of reproductive justice coined by the Black Feminist movement: it encompasses access to healthcare, equal pay, affordable housing and childcare, domestic violence, and, crucially, asserting bodily autonomy.

Be the Change:

  1. Donate to the ACLU’s Reproduction Freedom Initiative. 
  2. Get involved in SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. 
  3. Get involved in nationwide legislative initiatives in Florida and Ohio with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.  

Hear From the Artist:

Learn why Caron Tabb decided to focus on reproductive justice; discover the historical and Jewish context of the piece with Be the Change Global Ambassador Rabbi Jonah Pesner; hear Tabb, Ruth Messinger, and Rabbi Pesner discuss individual power for change and democracy; and delve into the right to abortion in Judaism.


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What comes to mind when seeing this image of a powerful woman who is chained? Who is chaining her and why? 


How does the use of the materials such as concrete, chains, and muted colors add to the image and conceptual idea behind the piece?


What does "My Sister's Keeper" mean? How can you become your sister's keeper? 

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