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Discover Aravrit, a New Hybrid Writing System That Merges Hebrew and Arabic

Fashion, design, and coexistence converge in a groundbreaking written language system

By Galit Reismann

Published Nov 11, 2022


In the early years of the State of Israel, there was an attempt to define the national garment. Still, it was quickly recognized that it would be difficult to apply a single characteristic to the multicultural origins of the country.

Over the decades, the discourse on what Israeli fashion is has sharpened. Fashion is not just a critical component of culture and identity, but a way to broaden discourse on coexistence in a geographical space.  

And so, the coexistence narrative becomes one of the values TLVstyle aims to explore and expose in the local fashion and design culture. Meet Liron Lavi Turkenich, a multi-passionate design entrepreneur. Liron is the Founder and Creative Director of Aravrit, a new hybrid writing system that merges Hebrew and Arabic, that has received wide recognition for its ingenuity and scope.

Learn more about Liron and Aravrit through her feature on TEDx Vienna.


Galit Reismann is a cultural entrepreneur and female executive, combining her passion for fashion and connection to Tel Aviv.


Out and about

Aravrit is an experimental writing system, a font, AND a fashion line. How might the experience of seeing the hybrid text on a computer screen vs out in public on a t-shirt be different?

Coexistence in letters

How does language unite us? How does it separate us?

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