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Breaking the Silence: Itai Anghel’s Impactful Documentary Films

By Culture Treasures

Published Feb 27, 2023



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Breaking the Silence: Itai Anghel's Impactful Documentary Films

Content warning: graphic imagery from war zones


(4 min) Itai Anghel is a documentary filmmaker and correspondent who travels to conflict zones to bring the stories of those affected by war to the world. He embeds himself with the fighters and local residents, living among them and braving the dangers of conflict to shed light on the human perspective of war. With an honest and non-threatening approach, Anghel gains the trust of those he documents, revealing different sides of the conflict and igniting crucial discussions on taboo subjects. 

In the video, Anghel shares why he chooses to report from the frontlines despite the risks, and highlights the power of documentary films in starting discussions on sensitive subjects and sparking change. As a staff reporter for the Israeli television news program Uvda, Anghel’s work spans war zones worldwide, including the civil war in Rwanda, Kosovo, and Afghanistan, and the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

For his fearless reporting and dedication to uncovering the truth, Anghel received the Sokolov Prize, Israel’s highest award for journalism, in 2017, and the FDOC award. With his unwavering commitment to exposing the reality of conflict and its impact on those affected, Anghel inspires others to start meaningful conversations.


Video created by Shachaf Dekel. Photo credit: Yair Meyuhas.


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For concerned citizens of the world:

What is the significance of documentary films in the era of fake news and alternative facts? How do documentary films help shed light on the truth and combat misinformation in today's society?  

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