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Be the Change: Growing Empathy 

Caron Tabb helps us grow empathy and diminish hate.

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published May 22, 2024



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When Caron envisioned Be the Change in 2020, it was in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, a moment of racial reconning. What Caron could not yet have known is that this would just be the beginning of a wave of hate in the US that has begun to consume us.

Just four years later, incidents of hate and violence against the Jewish community in the US and around the world have become commonplace in our daily news cycle. The ADL cites a rise of 140% in antisemitic incidents across the US in 2023 alone, the highest level recorded since ADL began tracking this data in 1979.  

In a moment of tension and fear, Caron’s 2024 Be the Change piece seeks to bring more empathy into the world in the hope of diminishing antisemitism and all forms of hate. 

Caron says, “In this piece titled ‘Growing Empathy’, I will tease out the main elements that define antisemitism and help passersby understand the antisemitic language and code used nowadays to incite hate and violence.” 

The piece will resemble a public announcement board in a city square. It will be plastered in newspapers both in Hebrew and English. A tree will grow out of the slot in the center top and roots out of the bottom on all four sides. Four mirror-covered flaps on each side will allow the viewer to peek into a box describing what antisemitism is. In addition to text yet to be selected, the universal symbol for empathy will appear on all four sides of the piece. 

Concept Sketch of “Growing Empathy” by Caron Tabb

Concept Sketch of "Growing Empathy" by Caron Tabb


Stay tuned as Caron’s vision comes to life in the form of her Be the Change tzedakah box, scheduled to go up in The Fenway this August.


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