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Arthur Szyk: The Art of Resistance

By Alisha Babbstein

Published Sep 29, 2022



This Curation is part of Combating Antisemitism.

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(9 min) There is value and inspiration in protest art, especially work by artists intended to fight bigotry and authoritarianism. Arthur Szyk did this with more success than any artist in his time, through a distinctively and explicitly Jewish lens, with attention to Jewish tradition and Jewish values of caring for one another and for all of society. In this video, The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education shows us how art has the power to open our eyes to injustice and can be a catalyst for political and social change. It cultivates political understanding. It fosters a sense of solidarity and commonality. It teaches us that lives other than our own have value.  


All images courtesy of The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. 


Alisha Babbstein is an Archivist at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Centre for Holocaust Education.


Speaking up 

What responsibility do artists have to use their work for social change?  


How do you think Szyk’s art made people in the U.S. think differently about the Jewish people?  

The power of imagery 

How do we address the negative stereotypes in Szyk’s art? Can you reconcile that with today? How does the use of this imagery change his message? 

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