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A Touching Tribute to Leonard Cohen by Israeli Superstar David Broza

David Broza performs heartfelt covers that connect deeply to personal stories

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Oct 16, 2023


Often hailed as the “Israeli Leonard Cohen,” Israeli singer David Broza is renowned for his soulful renditions and heartfelt performances. We’ve chosen three songs to commission him to cover, taking us on a journey through Leonard Cohen’s timeless classics.

At the heart of Broza’s musical tribute is the iconic piece Famous Blue Raincoat. From Leonard Cohen’s 1971 album, Songs of Love and Hate, this composition holds a special place to Broza. He breathes new life into it — it’s a nod to his own familial ties, as his mother, Sharona Aron, one of Israel’s first folk singers, shared a deep friendship with the legendary Cohen.

The idyllic Greek island of Hydra serves as the backdrop for another musical chapter. So Long Marianne, a timeless gem from Cohen’s 1967 debut album, carries the echoes of Hydra’s inspiration and the friendship between Cohen and Broza’s mother, who performed there together.

Delving into the rhythm of Greek Hasapiko dance, Broza’s version of Dance Me to the End of Love follows Cohen’s love affair with the island. The song draws parallels between the intimate connection Cohen had with the island and Broza’s own exploration of its influence on his music.

Both Cohen and Broza, bound by their Jewish heritage, convey messages of peace and unity through their music. Broza steps into the shoes of his predecessor with grace and reverence, creating a bridge between the past and the present. In Broza’s hands, each song becomes a new vessel for the emotions embedded in Cohen’s classics.

These covers are more than just tributes; they are a celebration of the enduring power of music to bring people together through shared emotions, cultural roots, and timeless themes. Broza’s emotive delivery and Cohen’s poetry converge, each contributing a unique layer to the music, where we find a sense of shared belonging.


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