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Nicki Green

Nicki Green

Nicki Green is a transdisciplinary artist working primarily in clay. Her sculptures, ritual objects, and various flat works explore topics of historical preservation, conceptual ornamentation, and aesthetics of otherness. In response to the unique features of the prayer shawls and ritual fringes from the Karaite community in Cairo, Nicki created Ritual Buttons: a set comprising new buttons to attach fringes to a prayer shawl, and an embroidered bag to store said fringes. This new work was displayed alongside traditional Karaite ritual artifacts in a 2018 exhibition, The Karaite Canon. The bag that Nicki created – a new ritual object steeped in Jewish tradition and close reading of the Hebrew Bible – is shaped after the bag for the prayer shawl she had used years before, in celebration of her (then male-identified) Bar Mitzvah.