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Frann Addison

Frann Addison

In 1977 as a graduate student at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Frann began creating Jewish ritual objects. She fabricates her unique Judaica in pewter, brass, and copper, often combining unique elements. Her work has been featured in 10 books, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, calendars and greeting cards, and her Judaica is included in the collections of three Jewish Museums. Frann enjoys seeing the potential in found objects and antique elements. Combining her metalsmithing skills with her artistic vision, she often transforms these components into unique pieces of Jewish ritual objects. Her work acknowledges the past, yet offers new and unusual forms which satisfy the demands of ritual requirements. Through hand forming, piercing, soldering, and/or riveting, Frann creates her one-of- a-kind and limited edition ceremonial pieces. Explore more of her work here.