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Cicely Carew

Cicely Carew

Cicely Carew (b. 1982, Los Angeles, CA) is a Boston-based artist, educator, and wellness coach whose multimedia works blur the boundaries between disciplines in an expression of sensory transfiguration and delight. Working from a place of improvisation and spiritual embodiment, Carew’s unique language of abstraction signals the transformative power of joy and liberation. Her artistic practice spans immersive installations, collages, sculptural assemblages, painting, and video/sound meditations. This diverse studio output is united by a characteristic vibrancy of color and exuberant gesture that extends into the multi-dimensional, thereby inviting viewers to ease into a realm of healing and play.

Through an accumulation of layered compositions and materiality, Carew fashions tactile celebrations of the unknown and offers an understanding of the world that transcends the immediately perceptible. In her whimsical and lush ecosystems abounding with infinite possibilities and interpretations, she conveys a mode of re-centering that incites a conscious alignment between heart and mind.